Thursday, December 08, 2005

Conservatives: Jerry Moran's former spokesman is a Democrat

GOP group pledges to disempower far right:
Charlotte Esau, executive director of the Kansas Republican Assembly, a conservative group, blasted the new organization.

“Based on what I’ve seen so far, this is not a Republican group. It’s a liberal front group for Democrats who want to pretend they are Republicans so they can hoodwink the voters into electing candidates who will talk Republican before the election and vote Democrat once in office,” Esau said.

Recently, state Republican Party Chairman Tim Shallenburger, widely regarded as a conservative, reportedly considered quitting his post after he was criticized by Mark Gietzen, an ant-abortion activist, for welcoming GOP candidates and officeholders who support a woman’s right to an abortion.

“If Tim Shallenburger is not considered conservative enough, where does that leave everyday Kansans?” asked Ryan Wright, the executive director of KTRM. Before joining the group, Wright served as press secretary for First District Congressman Jerry Moran, a Republican from Hays.
If Esau is to be believed, the executive director of KTRM is a "Democrat who wants to pretend he is Republican." Makes sense, no?

Honestly, if these characters want to crush the conservatives, they just have to vote Democratic for a while. The remainder of the Republican party can wallow in its permanent minority for a while.

I guess that wouldn't quite be "taking back the party."


KTRM said it would try to elect like-minded Republicans next year over four GOP members of the State Board of Education: John Bacon, Connie Morris, Iris Van Meter and Ken Willard.
Good luck with that.

One member of the new group is Mark Buhler, who was my state senator for a short time.

He was named to replace Sandy Praeger when she became Insurance Commissioner, and he voted moderate. In the next election, he faced a primary opponent, and when he won the primary, a former president and co-founder of the KRA ran against him on on the Reform Party ticket. The opponent peeled off enough votes to let Marci Francisco win the election.

The KRA preferred a vocal Democrat to moderate Republican.