Saturday, December 10, 2005

Exactly zero

Dr. Myers notices More DI dishonesty and obfuscation:
Notice that all of the best examples the DI can dig up are matched by that tiny, minute subset of scientists in their respective states who are active bloggers. The number of scientists supporting ID is miniscule, and support is actually much, much more limp and negligible than you would expect from all the effort the Discovery Institute dedicates to fluffing them.
And it occurred to me that there are exactly zero IDolatorous Kansan professors. Sure, we've got Calvert and the Board of Ed., but no professors out to do the circuit of talk shows, expert testimony and whiny letters to the editor.

This leaves me all alone, a yin without a yang. Very disturbing.

Usually I carefully select songs to go with posts, but this happens to be playing right this second by chance alone.

Desperate Ain't Lonely” by Whiskeytown from the album Faithless Street (1995, 2:16).

All I can say is, "And vice versa."