Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A good performance

I spoke with a reporter who covered the Supreme Court hearing on the Kansas death penalty. The reporter says that, while Kline came in without a great reputation, he was seen as being political, but he seems to have performed well. I specifically asked about issues of style and competence, above and beyond the quality of his case, and the reporter says that he was better than many state AGs who argue before the court.

Also that having Ted Olson at his elbow didn't hurt.

Never let it be said that I never say nice things about Phill Kline. He seems to have convinced the Court that Kansas goes out of its way to let juries reject the death penalty. I find that proposition bizarre in many ways, but there we are.

Lyden told me:
While it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that Kansas goes out of its way to give jurors a chance not to impose the death penalty, he did seem to convince the Court of that proposition – or at least a majority of the Justices.
And that was what he went there to do.

I feel dirty now.