Friday, December 02, 2005

I love conservatives

Regular readers remember that John Altevogt has been leading the charge in using the Mirecki mudfight to undermine academic freedom and Dr. Mirecki's right to speak freely:
John Altevogt, a conservative columnist and activist in Kansas City, said Tuesday that state officials should require the university to change the name of the Department of Religious Studies to the “Department of Religious Intolerance.”

“If we can’t do that,” Altevogt said, “maybe we settle for some cuts in spending.”
You'll also recall him comparing a professor, one who had been well-respected in the community, to Fred Phelps:

John Altevogt, a conservative columnist and activist in Kansas City, said the situation was the equivalent of David Duke teaching about race relations or Fred Phelps teaching about homosexuality.

“These guys should not be teaching classes in religion, because they’re both bigots,” Altevogt said of Mirecki and a fellow faculty member who could not be reached for comment Monday.
The flap, of course, was about some leaked emails. Well someone leaked me some emails from the Kansas Conservative Network listserv, beginning with a recent one inviting such leaks:

Incidentally, the bigots whined about the mole on their list (as if there was only one) . To those who are looking in here, we welcome you. We have nothing to hide, and you will not see people savaged on here because they are members of a particular race or religion. Bigotry will never be tolerated on this network. Moles are welcome.

That's encouraging. The email had a bunch of other emails it was in reply to, beginning with this:

From: John Altevogt [mailto:jaltevogt@--.--.---]
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 5:58 PM
Subject: [kcn-l] Silence on latest Mirecki info

Dear friends thank you for helping get word out on the latest Mirecki information.

Ironically, this will not be as well received in the media and I suspect there will be much gnashing of teeth and attempts to suppress this story until they can figure some means of giving a positive spin for their side.

They don't mind making it appear that we want to destroy academic freedom, the first amendment and real science, but this is about none of that.

This story is about a bigot and the crypto-Nazi hate group he advises. It is a story about a bigot who is not being adequately disciplined because the man who heads KU is as bigoted and hateful as his employee.
So, an atheist group is apparently by definition crypto-Nazi. Thank God no one on the KCN lists would ever savage people because they are members of a particular religion. That would be bigotry, and Mr. Altevogt finds that intolerable.

Interesting footnote: "Crypto-nazi" is a phrase he really loves. As a KU student, he referred to NPR with that phrase, and also called it "Nazi Propaganda," and called it a hate group. At issue? A commentary by Andrei Codrescu in which he suggested that everyone would be better off if the believers in the Rapture actually were raptured. That would be a religious belief, one that Altevogt claims he'd never "savage."

"Like A Mole In The Ground" by 5 Chinese Brothers from the album Stone Soup (1995, 5:33).