Thursday, March 23, 2006

Concealed carry passes

It will come into effect this summer.

I'm somewhat surprised that the legislature acted so rapidly. Letting the veto hang out there for a while would have given the NRA one last chance to send worried direct mail to their members, rallying the base for the election season. As it is, the Senate and the House rapidly passed the bill as needed without any fuss.

This won't defuse the issue, but it wasn't milked the way I expected it to be.

Like Mike, I don't think this is a bad law. I don't care for "shall issue" laws, since there may be people who honestly shouldn't have concealed weapons even though they haven't been convicted of anything yet. I don't have anything against qualified people packing heat, but I'd probably draw "qualified" a bit more narrowly than the law currently does.

There's also something unpleasantly Hobbesian about a society where concealed weapons are commonplace. The theory that these will deter violence rests on the assumption that most people are armed, an assumption that probably doesn't hold in any state with concealed carry. And even so, you wind up in this rather unstable equilibrium, illustrated by Bob the Angry Flower, from the Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy!!!.

Golden New Age of Personal Nukes