Thursday, March 23, 2006

DI on Dover

Showing their commitment to speed over accuracy and PR over reason, the Discovery Institute is rushing a book into press to address the Dover decision. If the whole thing is as accurate as this passage in the press release, reading it without a bottle of alcohol nearby could be painful work:
Despite Jones's protestations to the contrary, his attempts to use the federal bench to declare evolution a sacred cow--unquestionable in schools and fundamentally compatible with all "true" religion--are exposed by these critical authors as a textbook case of good-old-American judicial activism.
If indeed Jones had used the bench to make a scientific theory unquestionable in schools, that would indeed be activism. But he did no such thing. He applied existing law and precedent to determine that the actions of the Dover School Board were improper and struck them down. That's what judges are supposed to do.

If the DI has a substantive critique of the ruling, that's fine, and there's room for discussion. If they're just going to lie about this like they lie about everything else, it just exposes their dishonesty to a few more people.

Way to go.