Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hutchins won't give up

In fall of 2005, there were 96,078 students enrolled in Kansas' public 4-year colleges, 64,252 of them got in-state tuition. There were 71,549 students in the public two-year colleges, 65,310 got in-state tuition. The roughly 130,000 students getting in-state tuition, graduated from Kansas high schools, lived here for a long time, and got good grades. Rep Becky Hutchins will stop at nothing to make 221 of them pay more tuition.

If the Kansas legislature were underworked, that would be one thing. If there weren't ongoing fights over how to pay for an adequate education for our kids, if the Regents universities weren't having to cancel journal subscriptions to make ends meet, if the aquifer under western Kansas weren't drying up, and if business was flocking to the state, maybe it would be a nice diversion to keep trying to attach a mean-spirited amendment to every bill that comes to the floor.

But the state has real problem, and the time that Hutchins wastes attacking children is time that could be used making this state a better place.