Friday, March 24, 2006

Identify the party

Who does Revka think is still in denial?:
The …-wing machine has committed acts of evil in order to gain power in Washington. They have forged documents, created false scandals about our commander in chief, and are fueling the drive by media to destroy the lives and reputations of otherwise innocent men and women serving our nation. This is irresponsible and should cause clear thinking Americans to rise up and vote them out in 2006 and 2008.
I read that, and I think of the Niger forgeries which were used to sell an unnecessary war. I think of an incredibly detailed investigation of President Clinton which crippled his ability to strike pre-emptively at al Qaeda and the Taliban and ultimately revealed no evidence of wrong-doing (though a peripheral blowjob did produce an impeachment). The Swift-boating of John Kerry, like the attempts to demonize other veterans in many campaigns destroyed the lives and reputations of honorable public servants, and never mind the criminal negligence of sending troops into combat without adequate body armor, without a clear plan for stabilizing Iraq, and without adequate force levels to pacify the nation. Talk about destroying lives.

Or we could talk about the way that committed public servants have been hounded out of their jobs by ideological hacks at NASA, the EPA and elsewhere.