Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Andrew Sullivan gets a letter:
I believe that if you compare the conduct of the Iraq war by the Bush administration with the record of Lincoln during the Civil War and Roosevelt during World War 2, the record will show that Bush is doing a better job than either Lincoln or Roosevelt.
Josh Marshall responds:

Really don't know whether to laugh or to cry with this garbage.

[reminder that we actually saved the union, ended slavery, defeated fascism, created a newly stable world politic, stopped death and torture in camps, rather than building new torture camps and destabilizing the region]…

It sends a shudder through me to think that anyone actually believes this malarkey and how little respect they seem to have for their country's traditions or greatest moments that they actually voice them.
I'd say that the more apt comparison would be WWI, a brutal war that laid the groundwork of instability and resentment which turned into WWII.

This President's congress seems more willing to go along with unworkable ideas than WIlson's Congress was.