Saturday, March 25, 2006

Safe for now

The Kansas House of Representatives stepped in and preserved my God-given right to grow human brains in chickens so that I can feed my vast army of zombies.

A proposed ban on creating human-animal hybrids died Friday when the House cut the heart out of a bill and ended debate early on the issue.

The vote was 63-52 against the proposal from Rep. Mary Pilcher Cook, R-Shawnee, to make it a felony to create or attempt to create a hybrid embryo or “nonhuman life form” with human brain tissue.
The bill roughly matched Sam Brownback's chimera bill. Both bills would block ongoing research into the mechanisms of various brain disorders, and attempts to cure them. Research that I highlighted previously is targeting a disease called Batten's disease. A Phase I trial of a stem cell therapy for the disease is about to begin at a hospital in Oregon.