Thursday, March 23, 2006

Senate catfight

Specter Takes Senate Lead on Eavesdropping:
"The intelligence committees ought to exercise their statutory authority on oversight, but they aren't," Specter said. "The Judiciary Committee has acted. We brought in the attorney general. We had a second hearing with a series of experts, and we are deeply involved in it."
Senator Specter claims this isn't a swipe at Senator Roberts, but I can read as well as you can. That's a swipe at the leadership of the Intelligence Committee, namely Pat Roberts.

Not that I trust Senator Specter much further than I trust Roberts, but I think this is a slightly better outcome as far as short-term investigation.

Long-term, the Senate Intelligence Committee ought to hold hearings to determine how effective the program has been, what resources have been diverted from other programs, and whether the benefits justify those costs.