Friday, March 31, 2006

Stupid, stupid man

I thought David Berlinski's interview with himself was over after two self-indulgent episodes. But no, he posted a third section which begins with him debating himself about whether he supports the Discovery Institue. He says that they have chutzpah, then asks himself:
Chutzpah? …

… Sorry, it’s from the New Testament Greek chuspaidaon, it means nervy or provocative
No. No, no, no. The word chutzpah comes from the Yiddish, as anyone who bothers using the word ought to know. The term is derived from the Hebrew for insolence. The classic definition by example is a parricide pleading the court to take mercy on an orphan. Another excellent example would be someone turning a word from the Hebrew language of the Jewish Testament into a Greek word from the Christian Bible.

I stopped reading. It was too inauspicious a beginning.

And yes, Berlinski is Jewish, and should know better. Then again, he's a mathematician, and really should know better about his evolutionary arguments.