Monday, March 27, 2006

The War on Christians

If indeed there is such a war, whoever is waging it is losing badly. CampusProgress reports from a conference on the alleged war. One charming moment from a conference on cooperation between conservative Christians and conservative Jews:
Instead of what you might expect from Jewish conservatives "we're all people of faith, allowing gays to be gay is an attack on all of us," the emphasis was on Jewish-Christian parternship specifically. Other religions were not invited and Muslims were vilified. That hardly seems fair. Don't Islamic fundamentalists hate gays and oppress women just as much as rightwing Jews and Christians?
Among the handy tips you'll pick up: anti-gay activists are advised to stop talking about "homosexuals" and just call them all "sodomites." Also, Christians are the Jews of the 21st century (what with being an oppressed minority that consists of more than 50% of the American population and better than 90% of the US Congress).
Sam Brownback (who attends both Catholic and Protestant services) will be speaking later.