Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blog reading

I read too many blogs. I admit it. Whatever. Usually I know what blog I'm reading and can quickly decide whether I care. Sometimes I get it wrong.

For instance, I was sure that this discussion of the Urban Combat Skateboard was from Improbable Research, but it was Defense Tech. The tip-off was this line:
And I'm fuzzy on this whole "detecting trip wires and snipers" tactic, here. I mean, you'd detect them, all right. I'm no military strategist, but you don't need a skateboard to set off booby-traps and get shot at.
Which was all well and good, but I'd just been confused about whether this modest proposal regarding cell phones in libraries originated with Brad Delong, or possibly one of the Scienceblog gang. It is from Improbable Research.

I'm not sure whether the Improbable Researchers should be proud, Delong should be worried, or I should just read more carefully.

This sort of synergy is the beauty of a good newsreader (NetNewsWire). It is also the problem with them.