Sunday, April 09, 2006

Board to quash local control, increase teen pregnancy and STDs

Board of Ed to discuss limiting sex education:
Should sex education classes stop at "Just say no"? Some members of the Kansas Board of Education think so, and are pushing for a change that would require abstinence-only sex education across the state.

Under a proposal to be considered at the board's meeting Tuesday in Wichita, districts that teach more than abstinence could risk losing their accreditation.

Supporters of so-called "abstinence until marriage" programs say such programsare the best way to lower teen pregnancy rates and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
That would be nice if it were true, but studies consistently show that pregnancy rates and STD rates either are no different for children with a comprehensive sex ed program, or are higher for abstinence-only programs. They do have a little less sex according to some studies, but because they don't know about condoms, they are more likely to become pregnant and to pass diseases. Then, because they don't know about STDs, the diseases develop for longer and can leave the children infertile.

Plus there's the whole anal sex thing.

There's evidence that abstinence-only programs tend to leave children with the impression that anal sex and oral sex don't really count, so that the number of children having anal sex rather than vaginal sex is higher among children who've only been taught about abstinence.

Write to the Board of Education and ask them to reject this anal sex agenda, and to work on reducing teen pregnancy by allowing schools to teach children, rather than forcing them to hide information from kids.

In related news, a bill in the Kansas House would require any school that discusses abortion to describe every possible abortion procedure and to discuss the debated data on fetal pain. The idea is to make it so onerous to discuss abortion that schools will simply avoid the issue. Farewell to local control.

The Kansas Alliance for Education is fighting for a better school board, and contributions now will help restore sanity to Kansas education. They are hosting a rally at the Hays High School at 7 pm on April 19.