Thursday, April 20, 2006

Boyda kicks off her campaign

Yesterday at the Capitol:
Democrat Nancy Boyda said Wednesday that she had figured out how to beat U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, a five-term Republican incumbent.

Boyda, of Topeka, said she would turn down any help from Washington consultants, and she wouldn’t spend time talking about GOP campaign finance scandals.

Instead, she said she would focus on health care, closing tax loopholes that currently benefit “mega corporations,” and getting the money-changers out of Congress.

“Nothing is going to change until we change Congress,” she said.
This will be a different campaign than it was two years ago. Boyda is trying to bring the conversation back to issues that affect Kansans every day, health care, drug prices, agricultural prices, and not the distractions we've had over abortion or rights for loving couples.

I was disappointed with the way the last campaign ran, and I've been encouraged by Boyda's willingness to acknowledge problems and move to fix them. She's running a smart, tight campaign, and I hope she wins.

Ryun's staff complained that Boyda "ha[s] no ideas to offer the people of Kansas," but it isn't clear what Ryun's big ideas are. He sits on committees of the Budget, Armed Services, and Financial Services, all places where he could have really made a difference, whether in reigning in the deficit, providing better oversight in Iraq or Afghanistan, or cracking down on predatory lending. But he's done none of that, preferring to sleep in a lobbyist's underpriced house, take money from Tom Delay's scandal tainted PACs, and defending Delay's power.

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