Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush not Reagan, this isn't America

Writing about a Chinese protester at the welcoming reception for the Chinese President, Larry Johnson writes George Bush, You're No Reagan:
Where are we today? A protester is forcibly removed from the White House grounds. The White House, a symbol of the American people, became a backdrop for the new authoritarianism of the Bush era. Rather than show the Chinese leader the beauty of tolerating dissent, Bush presided over the arrest of a woman who dared speak out against her country's leader. Bush furthered the insult to American democracy by apologizing to China's leader for the outburst.
It's been a while since I wrote about the NSA spying. I'm still outraged, and I still want heads to roll. I just don't see who will step forward to be the axeman. The president usurped the power of Congress and the Courts, set himself above the law, and no one with any power seems prepared to even bother finding out what that means to regular citizens, let alone restoring the balance of powers that have made this nation strong.

As we gaze toward the bastion of stability lying between Afghanistan and Iraq, it's worth returning to that theme. The President and his supporters, including Senator Roberts, have claimed that Congress doesn't have to authorize a nuclear strike against Iranian nuke sites.

Why wouldn't he want to get involved? Roberts whines:

"we have not made the progress on our oversight of Iran intelligence, which is critical." The panel has done only piecemeal scrutiny of the spy agencies' work on Iran. "There is no organized commit­tee staff effort to look at Iran right now," says majority staff director Bill Duhnke. "It's all sort of on hold."
He blames the Democrats for wanting to know what went wrong with the intelligence process last time before we dive headlong into the next disaster.

Crazy talk, right?

I want my country back.