Friday, April 28, 2006

Candidate forum

Red State Rabble reports from the 3rd District Candidates forum. For me, the money quote is:
McDonald and Weiss seemed to agree on many of the issues. At one point Weiss urged those in the audience to vote for McDonald in the Aug. 1 primary and for him in the general election.
And I agree with that 100%. Oliphant sounds like a very interesting character, but we have enough characters on the Board as it is. All three candidates present (incumbent John Bacon wasn't there, and may or may not run for re-election) opposed the bastardized science standards passed by the Board. Oliphant split with the other two over sex ed (he backed opt-in), and wouldn't back firing unqualified hack Bob Corkins as Commissioner of Education.

I've had a chance to sit and meet McDonald and Weiss, and both are excellent people, well qualified to do this job. I'd love to see a serious general election campaign between them – I expect that for once we'd see a serious debate about the issues facing education today, not demagoguery about irrelevant hot-buttons.