Sunday, April 30, 2006

Conservative KRA backs Barnett

Barnett Wins KRA Endorsement:
By a stunning margin, Senator Jim Barnett won the KRA endorsement Saturday in Olathe.

The voting breakdown was as follows:

Jim Barnett 43

Ken Canfield 2

Robin Jennison 0
In the KU forum, Jennison seemed like the most thoughtful and, when he wasn't slouching in his chair as if he were bored, the most polished. Canfield, who was Sam Brownback's conservative pick, clearly didn't impress the KRA, nor was I impressed. Barnett was seemed unpolished to me, handled questions poorly and has been unable to rally his own party in the Kansas Senate on school finance.

The folks watching the race at KGR think this may spike Canfield's campaign, and that sounds right. The primary will be between the conservative and the moderate, and the KRA's backing is key to that. Canfield does have a lot of high profile support, so he may be able to sustain his funding.