Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dembski on Ebola

Billy D. comments on Dave Willis, a Pianka defender:
It just seems we can’t see eye to eye on anything — first evolution and now Ebola.
Since Pianka and Willis think Ebola is a horrible disease and are worried that it might one day cause a mass epidemic, which will also be horrible, I suppose this means that Dembski thinks the imminent epidemic will be wonderful. I don't know how else to construe Dembski's claim.

If, as Dembski's buddy Patrick speculates, "Ebola Zaire gaining the capability to go airborne and 'be transmittable via respiratory function' [would] be constituted as the creation of CSI," that makes it God's work, and we wouldn't call that evil, would we?

Why, (oh, why?) do IDolators think Ebola is so great? Why can they not simply condemn the disease and express concern about human activities which make such an epidemic more likely? Should someone report Dembski to the FBI for his radical views on the benefits of Ebola? Or just for filing a false report?

Maybe he should just stop watching 12 Monkeys.