Friday, April 07, 2006

Flag Hooey

Nascar1Tony comments on the immigration debate:
There is another local rally against H.R. 4437 and it seems to be better organized and just might draw an even bigger crowd. I'll be there flying a Mexican flag, and if you question my patriotism than I'll gladly point you to photos of KC's recent St. Paddy's Day parade where Irish flags covered the streets of downtown Kansas City.
Damn straight. Irish KC develops the comparison more fully, writing "So in Kansas City, Green, White and Orange means heritage, party, family fun and tec-9s, but Green, White and Red means lack of loyalty to the United States. Obviously. It's the difference between orange and red."

And I'll note NASCAR nation's unfortunate association with the flag of a nation which no longer exists, and whose flag carries some very bad memories for a lot of people.