Monday, April 17, 2006


Jim Ryun reported raising $61,294 last quarter, and cash on hand of $251,819.22. $38,436 was from Political action committees, only $22,466 was from individuals.

Nancy Boyda raised $76,327.23, and has cash on hand of $56,447 (including $50,000 she loaned the campaign). She got $1000 in PAC contributions and $74,752 from individuals (not counting the loan).

That's a good fundraising record for a campaign that hadn't announced yet. She kicks off her campaign Wednesday in the Capitol Rotunda at 1:30. Fans should plan on showing up early. Enemies should show up late.

This will be a very different campaign than she ran two years ago. No more DC consultants pushing milquetoast pablum. It's a new campaign, and one that sounds a lot like what Crashing the Gate envisions as the future of truly democratic Democratic politics.

If she's going to do it, she can't just beat Ryun's quarterly fundraising, she needs to overcome his existing warchest. Go to her website and put down Josh Rosenau as your 20/20 team leader.

Dennis Moore raised $190,622 for $715,468 on hand. Chuck Ahner is the only opponent who filed a report, and he raised a whopping $19,280, and has $159,038 on hand, but $150,000 of that is his loans to his campaign. There's a metaphor there for the way Republicans govern, but we'll leave than as an exercise for the reader.

Moran raised $79,665 and has $1,344,788 on hand. John Doll has only raised $8310, for $17,163 on hand. Moran hasn't faced a serious challenge in a while, so he has a lot of money left from past years. I love John Doll's campaign, but those numbers give a pretty good hint about what we'll see of a horserace in western Kansas.
Tiahrt raised $113,141 and has $978,149 on hand. His several opponents did not file reports yet. Expect the excitement to center on the 2nd District.