Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hypocrisy, thy name is Roberts

Memory Pills
Murray Waas reports how Senator Pat "Memory Pills" Roberts, frequent critic of leaking of intelligence information:
three years ago on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, …was involved in disclosing sensitive intelligence information that, according to four former senior intelligence officers, impaired efforts to capture Saddam Hussein and potentially threatened the lives of Iraqis who were spying for the United States.
This, on the verge of revelations about Condi Rice leaking classified information to lobbyists for Israel. The firing of Mary McCarthy pales by comparison to the outing of a CIA agent and the exposure of Iraq informants, doesn't it?

In a break from revealing classified information, Roberts announced his desire to split the investigation into abuse of intelligence in the run-up to invading Iraq. Again. The second part was delayed until after the 2004 elections, the new third part would be delayed until after the 2006 elections. It's like there's some sort of plan afoot to hide certain useful information from the public.

And the Senator likes to complain that a review of intelligence on the Iranian nuclear programs is being held up behind all this other work, which ought to be an incentive to put the pedal to the metal, if there were any real concern about Iran.