Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've changed my mind. Attacking Iran is the stupidest thing anyone ever suggested. Even if we suddenly replaced the entire Executive branch with super-intelligent monkeys, instead of the current crop of entirely unintelligent simians, it would be stupid. I can't even sustain my joking support for the asinine idea that anything would be better anywhere in the world if we would attack Iran.

Only an astoundingly short-sighted group of very stupid people would invade Iran. It would completely destabilize the region, one already destabilized by a growing insurgency in Iraq and the rebounding Taliban in Afghanistan, plus the tenuous hold Musharraf has over Pakistan. It would destroy any possibility that the next generation of Persians would think well of this nation.

These are the things I think about when I read about the inevitability of the war. Not how we can make it work well. We can't, and it's stupid to think that we can. Appallingly stupid.

Troll-proofing: Iran sucks. We should do something. But not attack.