Friday, April 28, 2006

Josh, A-Z

Apparently this is what we're doing.

Accent: A very nice Lutheran nun on a plane from Chicago to New York once told me I have a Chicago accent, but I'm pretty sure she was deaf. I expect it's a fairly broad Northern and Eastern accent, with flourishes I've picked up from friends and my travels. I'm a fan of "y'all."

Booze: Laphroaig is truly excellent. A nice beer like New Belgium's Fat Tire or anything from the Free State Brewery is nice any time. As we get into the summer I'm gravitating toward the wheat beers, like the Blue Moon I got last weekend.

Chore I Hate: I agree with RPM; grading sucks. Anyone who's seen my desk would guess that I don't like cleaning it, and they'd be right.

Dog or Cat: No, but I did have a rabbit, and will have a pet once I'm free of apartment life.

Essential Electronics: My laptop, and a good network connection. The iPod is nice, too.

Favorite Cologne: None. I hate, hate, hate perfumes, colognes, scented soaps, etc.

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, originally, but I mostly grew up in the New York City area.

Insomnia: No.

Job Title: Graduate teaching assistant.

Kids: No.

Living arrangements: Apartment.

Most admirable traits: WIth so many options to choose from, I wouldn't care to raise one over another.

Not going to cop to: Exactly.

Overnight hospital stays: None after my parents brought the newborn Josh home.

Phobias: Proselytizers.

Quote: "If I wanted crap from you, I'd squeeze your head."

Religion: Jewish by birth, undecided beyond that.

Siblings: No.

Time I wake up: Maybe 8ish, depending.

Unusual talent or skill: Where to begin?

Vegetable I love: Tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, greens

Worst habit: Being right so often?

X-rays: Teeth, chest, finger.

Yummy foods I make: Bread, spaghetti sauce, hamburgers, salmon, corn bread, stir fry.

Zodiac sign: Leo.