Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kansas Governor's race head-to-head polls

These numbers have been floating around as rumors for a while, but Rasmussen has finally released their latest results for the Kansas governor's race. For the first time in their polling, Sebelius has more than 50% of voters behind her, a bump of 4-5% against each challenger polled.

They didn't poll Ken Canfield, whose ties to Sam Brownback and non-existent record make him the race's wildcard. Robin Jennison managed to get only 32% against the Governor's 51%, while Jim Barnett scored slightly better, polling at 37% against the Governor's 51%. That suggests that she has a pretty solid base moving forward into the campaign season. People know her and like her, which will make it hard for the unpolled and untested Canfield to make much more of a mark than the two known quantities.

Expect plenty of flux in those numbers as the mud starts flying towards the governor and the candidates start venturing out into more public venues. While it's too early to be complacent, Sebelius' high approval ratings and her early command of a majority of those polled leaves her in a very strong position going forward to November. How big a win she pulls then will raise and also answer a lot of questions about what she'll do when her term limits run out, and when Sam Brownback's self-imposed term limit kicks in, come 2008.