Friday, April 14, 2006

KU paper weighs in

Editorial Board: Board of Education member has wrong idea:
OK, so here’s my pitch for my most recent blockbuster movie. It’s got everything: Sex and scandal. I’m going to call it: “Kansas State Board of Education: A Cautionary Tale.” Lights up on the inner chambers of the Kansas State Board of Education. Inside, we see the board members, drenched in sweat from a busted air conditioning unit. They are just winding down from a heated debate. The godless heathens in favor of teaching sex education with contraceptives are simply digging their way further down to hell. Cue Kathy Martin, board member from Clay Center.

Last month, Martin put forth a proposal to the board that would require sex education that focused on abstinence and the dangers of contraceptives. May I just say, thank God for the Kansas State Board of Education. Rarely before has one organization provided such fodder for ignorant, misinformed policies.

The evolution debate was getting old, but I knew we could count on our old buddies in Topeka to make asses of themselves once again.
Attention Hollywood. Thoughts from Kansas is ready to serve as a highly paid technical consultant for any movie you make about Crazy Connie and the Log in the Eye Gang.