Friday, April 28, 2006

School funding moves forward

Senate approves school funding:
The Senate approved a three-year, $466 million school funding increase Thursday night, moving lawmakers a step closer to bringing this year's session to an end.…

The Senate plan designates much of the new money for at-risk students across the state, plus extra funds for high-poverty urban districts, though far short of the levels recommended in a cost study by legislative auditors.…

Sen. Jim Barnett, R-Emporia, argued that the state can't afford the plan
Of course, Barnett's plan was more expensive, so he ought to quit complaining.

This increase may not satisfy the courts. The previous decision required more spending because the legislature's funding levels didn't match what their own cost studies indicated was necessary to provide a suitable education. If this bill also fails to meet the legislature's own estimates based on their own definitions of what an education should look like, can this funding bill pass constitutional muster?