Friday, April 28, 2006


Dr. Myers responds to the IDolator's complaints about his assertion that he wouldn't vote to grant tenure to a biologist in his department who claims that IDC is science. This was in reference to the failure of Francis Beckwith to get tenure after spending his career trying to defend the proposition that IDC is science.

While Myers didn't link to the original post, I will, because the responses in the comments are classic. The immortal DaveScot writes:
ID proclaims that ID is science, not religion. A court, albeit an unreviewed district court ruling which holds little weight, has ruled that ID is religion. As long as the law views ID as religion then believing that ID is science is protected as religious belief.
This is the twisted logic of IDolatry. The IDolator's right to insist that IDC isn't religion is defended by the assertion that ID is religion.