Monday, April 24, 2006

Slap in the face, slug in the head

The Angry Astronomer points out a contradiction. Dr. Mirecki got in hot water, ultimately got beaten up, in part for writing that a course he planned to teach would be a "slap in [fundamentalists'] big fat faces." A new video was recently released:
intended to "slug atheists over the head". … So my question is this: Why the double standard? Why is it unacceptable for Dr. Mirecki to make such a comment in a semi-private forum, yet the media hasn't decried a nearly identical comment from the religious right?
Perhaps because atheists are less trusted than gay Islamic illegal immigrant zombies? Or because the Christians won the war on Christians about 1500 years ago (a fact which doubtless explains their continued enthusiasm for fighting it)?

It has become accepted that religious authoritarians will use violence and threats of violence as a tool in maintaining their stranglehold on public discourse. When the same rhetoric is turned on them in an effort to prevent them from taking over every sort of discourse, even science, they get all sqeamish.

Remember, the person who leaked Mirecki's email was also the one who called the campus atheist organization a "crypto-Nazi hate group," and called the KU Chancellor "bigoted and hateful," apparently because he lacked sufficient zeal in his castigation of Mirecki.

This is the double standard we all have to worry about.