Thursday, April 27, 2006


Senate panel calls for abolishing FEMA:
The nation's disaster response agency should be abolished and rebuilt from scratch to avoid a repeat of government failures exposed by Hurricane Katrina, a Senate inquiry has concluded.

Crippled by years of poor leadership and inadequate funding, the Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot be fixed, a[n] … investigation says in recommendations to be released Thursday.
I dunno, it sounds like the way to fix it would be to replace the leadership and increase the funding. When CNN says "years of poor leadership" they neglect to say how many years, but I happen to know that it's 5 years, about the same length of time that this country as a whole has suffered under poor leadership.

FEMA works. It isn't perfect, but the flaws are not institutional. When a tornado hits here, or a hurricane works its way up the coast, FEMA is there helping. FEMA had planning in place for a Katrina-scale hurricane striking New Orleans, but insufficient funding and incompetent political appointees running things prevented the planning from being put into action.

Republicans like Joe Lieberman are lining up to help shuffle the chairs on the deck of the HMS Titanic Bush. These reorganizations, whether a reshuffling of bureaucratic charts for the intelligence community or this project are all just ways of pretending the problem lies somewhere other than with the people and the policies of this particular administration. FEMA did a fine job for a long time, let's not ruin it. We know how to fix it, we'll just have to wait until January of 2008 to implement the needed changes.