Sunday, April 02, 2006

Understanding the President

Teresa Neilsen-Hayden responds to Jane Smiley's notes for converts:
I watched an otherwise sensible friend get into a tizzy over some stupid things Bush said about an exceptionally stupid proposed amendment to the Constitution. She was trying to figure out what he meant by his remarks.

Nothing, I told her. He meant nothing. Bush doesn't really talk to us. When it's advantageous or required, he'll go through the motions of talking to us; but that's all.
Elsewhere, the Washington Post describes The President as Average Joe:

President Bush was taking questions from an audience the other day when he was asked about the immigration debate raging in Washington.

"It's obviously topic du jour ," he said.

The audience laughed at the famously Francophobic Texan's faux accent.

"Pretty fancy, huh?" Bush asked, mocking himself. "Topic du jour ?"

The audience laughed again.

"I don't want to ruin the image," he added conspiratorially.
No indeed.