Thursday, April 20, 2006

Unpopular Senators

SurveyUSA's poll of approval for all 100 US Senators shows that Brownback is the 73rd most popular, and Roberts the 61st most popular.

Roberts' popularity has basically held steady over the last month, with approval hovering near 50%, with approval among Democrats dropping sharply, Independents drifting toward being evenly split (versus disfavor), and Republicans holding steady. Liberal approval continues to drop, conservative disapproval is ticking up, and moderates are split evenly.

Brownback's popularity continues to slide, dropping to exactly 50%. A mere 70% of Republicans approve, while Democratic approval dropped like a stone, from 37% to 29%. Independents abandoned him this month, too; he dropped from 44% approval to 40%, while disapproval jumped to 49%.

His support among conservatives, is only 69%, not good given that they are his base for his presidential run, and he ought to be consolidating their support. Moderate disapproval ticked up, giving him a -6 point disapproval in that group. Liberals continue to dislike him.

Missouri's Jim Talent is the 87th most popular senator, a stat that must give Claire McCaskill a good feeling. The Independents who will decide the race have flip-flopped in a massive 18 point switch, going from strongly favoring him, to a decisive net disapproval. The swing among moderates was less strong, but equally clear.