Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wildly unpopular president

SurveyUSA did its regular 50 State poll on presidential approval, and it's bad for the President.

There are a mere 4 states in which a majority approves of the President's work, and a whopping 5 in which he has plurality support. He is least popular in Rhode Island, which should have Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee unhappy.

In Kansas, which gives him the 7th highest approval. He experienced a slight uptick, but not a statistically meaningful one. Last month saw a major drop for his approval here, and this month's poll shows him holding steady. Approval among Republicans seem to be returning to their former levels, while Democratic opposition held steady, but Independents showed real movement.

Independents went from -28% net approval to -35% net approval. Interestingly, approval among moderates ticked up at the same time.

Nationally, his approval sits at 36% in this poll, right around where the inimitable Professor Franklin estimates the national trend to lie. Bad.