Friday, May 26, 2006

Awful Awbrey

State Board of Ed press secretary David Awbrey seems to be on the lookout for new options following his declaration that
Anyone see the origin? Anyone see the Big Bang? Anyone see the dinosaurs? These are metaphysical speculations.
Those words at a Kansas City Press Association event, combined with Awbrey's aggressive lecturing on what scientists and science supporters do wrong (we're cowards) have left a bad taste in a lot of mouths.

He told the Journal World: “I haven’t been house-trained in public relations. I’m going to have to spend some time during the next week or two thinking about where I’m going to go with my career."

When unqualified hack Bob Corkins hired him, he was considering being a school teacher. We can hope and pray that he doesn't follow that path.

Awbrey doesn't seem to be able to get his own story straight.

Awbrey said his appearance at the forum was not on work time and he did not charge the state department for his mileage. He said he believed he was there to speak as a journalist and thought some people would know him from his former life — as a journalist and not a spokesman for the state department. But he also said that his boss, Bob Corkins, told him to go to the event.

“He was the one who sent me,” Awbrey said. “He told me to go.”
If your boss orders you to do something, it's work. He was introduced by his title, the Commissioner of Education told him to do it, and his job is to speak for the Department of Education. I don't think the Department wants or deserves a spokesman who thinks that dinosaurs or the Big Bang are metaphysical speculation.