Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Board of Ed back off from abstinence only requirement

State BOE weighs sex-ed guidelines:
At its meeting Tuesday, the board instead discussed a proposal to add sex-education guidelines to the optional curriculum standards that serve as a framework for local school districts. The paragraph instructs local districts to offer comprehensive sex education that teaches abstinence until marriage as well as medically accurate and factual information about sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptive use.
This is a far cry from their previous proposal to remove accreditation from schools that teach about contraception or go beyond abstinence, and not so different from what's actually being implemented. As we get closer to the election, I bet we'll see the 4 conservatives up for re-election trying hard not to look like quite the radicals that they are.

Meanwhile, Don Weiss, Harry McDonald, Kent Runyan, Jana Shaver, Tim Cruz, Sally Cauble, Jack Wempe and Donna Viola are working hard to bring those seats back to sanity.