Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kansas v. Darwin

A few weeks ago, the directors of Kansas vs. Darwin contacted me because TfK himself will be a bit player in their film! At the time, they were working out their schedule of when to show, and it looks like they've firmed that up. The film lets the characters speak for themselves, which apparently works to the ID advocates disadvantage. I'm told there's a clip of Connie Morris saying she didn't understand anything that happened at the hearings.

The directors write:
The scientists and educators there spared no one in their scathing criticism and much of it was hilarious. We discovered a young female microbiologist named Rachel Robson who was a huge hit with us because of her wicked sense of humor. You'll love her, too.
And after the closing remarks, they wrote:
The hearings seem emblematic, to me, of the "culture war" between political and social factions that rages in our country today. I know we captured some of the intensity and passion behind this conflict. Some of it is funny, some of it is alarming, some of it is sad and even disturbing. But it really shows what's happening and explains, I believe, why this issue is a surprisingly central one, perhaps even more contentious and revealing than the ongoing controversy about abortion.
A trailer is available.