Monday, May 22, 2006

Popular governor

In SurveyUSA's poll of approval for all 50 Governors, only 12 governors are more popular than Governor Sebelius. Net approval is distinctly up, with approval up slightly to 61% and disapproval distinctly down.

Among Republicans, approval jumped from 54% to 58%, and approval among Democrats was also up. Unfortunately, approval among Independents had a downward trend. Conservative approval held constant (and positive), while moderate net approval dropped 7 points to +35% (64% approve). Liberal net approval skyrocketed, up 31% (approval is now 78%, up from 63%).

The winning coalition for Sebelius is going to be Democrats and Independents (or liberals and moderates), so the relatively slight erosion of support among the middle categories is worrisome. It's nice to see such enthusiasm from Republicans and conservatives, but we'll probably see a lot of that erode over time.