Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sebelius set for strong re-election campaign

Rasmussen's latest poll of the Kansas Governor's race holds bad news for the challengers. Neither has gained any ground since the last poll, and Sebelius is doing no differently against either. She is viewed favorably by 68% of the public, and 63% approve of her performance.

Rasmussen says:
Neither Jennison nor Barnett quite reach a 40% favorable rating. And, so far, more than a third of all voters don't register an opinion of them either way, indicating a harder uphill battle for name recognition than we're seeing for statewide challengers elsewhere in the country.
A popular governor and minimally qualified opponents makes for an easy campaign for the Governor. I'm sure the campaign would love to see a buffer above 50% against both opponents, but these numbers look pretty satisfying to me.