Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two party system

Whenever I get peeved at my Congressman, one who voted for the war in Iraq, for DR-CAFTA, for the Bankruptcy Bill, and despite reservations, for the punitive House immigration bill, I am reminded that I had two choices. Dennis Moore, who at least fought for a less punitive, less wrong-headed bill, and Kris Kobach, who told an anti-immigration rally
“The open border crowd says they don’t want a 700-mile wall” built on the U.S.-Mexico border, law professor Kris Kobach told the crowd of at least 700. “I don’t want that either. I want a 2,000-mile wall.”
That's right, the unpopular and unrealistic House bill, the one which has turned the community of recent immigrants into a massive political movement, is not extreme enough for Mr. Kobach.

I'd rather a Congress full of compromising, centrist Dennis Moores than let a single Kobach into power.